Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

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TPMG takes great pride in our comprehensive production experience and manufacturing skills. Our production team has decades of experience in building advanced custom prefabricated steel building solutions for our customers.  This expertise translates directly across multiple industries - Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Chemical, Mining, Wastewater, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Energy & Power Generation amongst others.

Committed to providing our global customers with best-in-class service and support, we know how to manufacture custom prefabricated steel buildings quickly, reliably, and securely; ultimately reducing the integration time for our customers. TPMG is an ISO 9001 certified facility. Our investment into our infrastructure and quality initiatives separate us from the competition. By offering our full array of services; ranging from engineering to manufacturing it allows you the piece of mind of and budget reductions of working with a single building design and fabrication company.

TPMG treats every project as essential to our business as to our customer’s business. Our vertically integrated capabilities and engineering versatility set us apart from other manufacturers and equipment providers.

Blast Rated Building

Blast Rated Building
  • High Response
    • High Damage with structural Integrity lost
    • May collapse due to environmental factors
    • Total cost of repairs approaches replacement cost
  • Medium Response
    • Widespread damage
    • Repairable
    • Total cost of repairs is significant
  • Low Response
    • Localized damage
    • Minimal repairs
    • Damage only to outside skin or envelope and can be easily repaired

Non Blast Rated Building

Non Blast Rated Building
  • Remote Instrument Enclosure (RIE)
  • E-Houses
  • Processing Buildings
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures
  • Control Rooms
  • Motor Control Center Buildings
  • Switchgear Enclosures
  • Driller’s Control Cabin
  • VFD / SCR Houses
  • Analyzer Buildings & Shelters
  • Laboratories
  • Field Offices & Shelters
  • Operator Shelters
  • Security Buildings
  • Custom Buildings, Enclosures and Shelters

Modular Building

Modular Building
  • Interlocking / welded panels
  • Fast mobilization
  • Rapid expansion capabilities
  • Easy installation with all terrain and climate deploy ability
  • Custom construction capabilities
  • Blast Rated or non-blast rated

Blast Rated Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE)

Blast Rated RIE Data Centers

Blast Rated RIE Gensets

Blast Rated RIE Power

Blast Rated RIE Telecom

Government & Military


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